Sunday, 30 August 2009


I'm a stubborn old fool at the best of times, but I have really been holding out on this one. Zomby has received more critical praise from the likes of Reynolds, the FACT team, and pretty much anyone else interested in the intellectually stimulating next big thing, than any other artist I can think of in recent memory. This is not easy music, far from it, but after a few listens, you know somehow, it might just work. And work really well. RA wrote a recent article about the Prologue records output, coining the sound pushed by artists affiliated with the label (most prominently Donnato Dozzy), as headfuck. Um, excuse me, but THIS is headfuck. , I'm not so mad on the rave throwback stuff, mainly because its sole purpose seems designed to validate Reynolds' nuum theories, but One Foot Ahead Of The Other is some pretty serious shit.

I got into dubstep in quite a big way in 2007, but somehow lost my way. Wobble is obviously glorified donk, but the early Digital Mystikz stuff like 'Earth A Run Red' was to me, mindblowing. Keeping the music in my peripheral vision, I haven't really dipped into it again until recently. Check out the mnml ssgs Scuba podcast to see how heavy this stuff really is, especially when it is presented in and around the liminal zone between techno, dub techno, UK bass, and garage. And with that, I'm off to see Hard Wax's night at Horst featuring the Hotflush roster of artists: Scuba, Jamie Vex'd, et al. Ciao.

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