Monday, 10 August 2009


Phew. Bar 25's 6th Birthday celebrations were quite something. I'm going to be pulling bits of confetti out of my ass for the next few months, but this last 26 hour stint in that place of joy and wonder was one to savour. Bit too many people, and the music was a touch dodgy at times (ambient disco anyone?), but great fun nonetheless. Oh, and I'm pretty sure Daft Punk played a secret, semi-unannounced set in the circus. This is what the Bar 25 website has to say:

"and because they're Human After All they come from Around The World for an exclusive show: Interstella 2525"

The 2 DJs with dinner jackets and Robot heads on played 'Bizarre Love Traingle' followed by 'Blind' which left me smiling amidst a typhoon of confetti. Incidentally, above is House of House's remix of A Mountain of One's 'Bones'. The Whatever We Want records boys seem to be plodding along quite nicely no?

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