Friday, 12 March 2010

House of House Interview

Here is an interview I conducted with House of House on behalf of Little White Earbuds. I was blown away by Rushing to Paradise as I wrote back in June, and their Fabric minimix really sealed the deal for me. As with all the interviews I have conducted, it was a genuine pleasure to be able to delve deeper into the sound of (in the case) a pair of artists I really respect. Below is the intro to the interview. Click on the link above for the rest.

Ever since the breakout success of their ecstatic “Rushing to Paradise (Walkin These Streets),” a full-blooded rollercoaster of a house anthem, House Of House have kept a surprisingly low profile. In a year when deep house was dragged kicking and screaming from the underground into global dance music conscioussness, the theatricality and the sheer emotional exuberance of the track ensured that it featured prominently in most late-summer DJ crates. The duo, made up of Saheer Umar and Still Going’s Olivier “Liv” Spencer, have a slew of remix projects scheduled for 2010 which kicks off with one for The Juan Maclean to complement their A Mountain of One “Bones” remix from 2009. In this insightful interview with Spencer, he finally breaks the silence about their hit, where they’re going from there, and just how important New York is to their sound and that of the many game-changing house acts emerging from the city at the moment.

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