Friday, 21 August 2009


Another of the tunes savaged by Sherburne in his 2008 end of year poll, but one that I actually really like. It can't all be bad though as he seems to love My My's 'Fast Freeze' which I adore and wrote about here. I'm also a big fan of 'Remember Love', but that is more thanks to Bar 25 than any Pitchfork review. Speaking of the Bar, as of today, they are opening their doors for a gargantuan 250 hour party that will last until the 31st August to mark their "official" closing. That's 10.5 days of non-stop partying! However, inside sources seem to suggest that with a global recession currently fucking everyone up the ass, the Mediaspree development that was supposed to signal the end for the area has encountered problems of its own with tenants pulling out quicker than a pissed yet suddenly self-aware sex tourist in Ho Chi Minh City. Here's hoping to if not another year of 25, then at least some hush hush parties over the next few months.

Incidentally, this currently sits atop the July 2009 RA Top 50 DJ Chart. Thoughts? Not too sure myself. More into number 2 which can be found here. Also really really feeling this at the moment:

Todd Burns wrote a really nice piece on the New York House Renaissance for RA which bares a startling resemblance to one written a few months earlier by yours truly, (which can be found here) but it really was a nicely researched, touching piece. As predicted, Levon Vincent (in partcular) and the rest of the Underground Quality guys and dolls are slaying all before them. Bring on Tape!

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