Tuesday, 4 August 2009

Never Leave You

This has been bugging me for a while. In a previous post, shortly after my return from Ibiza, I wondered what tune it was that Villalobos played that name-dropped himself. It was a sickly sweet pop tune from the 90s of which I failed to remember the name, both whilst at Amnesia or afterwards. After much searching, I have eventually found it out. It is a remix of Lumdee's 'Never Leave You', in which 'Oh ho' is substituted with 'Ri-Car-Do'. Thanks to here and here, I was able to work it out.

It must be the summer because Villalobos fever seems to be boiling over. We caught him this Sunday at the Berlin Beach Break event in Grünau, which was a wonderful day (if not a little teuer), photos and videos to follow soon. Ricardo played well (although far from exceptionally), and it was interesting to hear him drop 'Baile', but the real surprise was Thomas Melchior who delivered a set better suited to Berghain than a beach-based open air, and kept dropping in the most obscene rave horn sample at inopportune moments that really galvanised the crowd. Wearing a rude bwoy gold chain and a wizard's hat (odd look I know), he totally decimated things and along with the 31 degree heat, made the 15€ entry and 3€ beers worthwhile.

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