Thursday, 18 June 2009

Yes Maam (All Nite Long) (Trentemøller Remix) - Visti & Meyland

I'm always a bit wary about a Trentemøller remix not only because he is massively overhyped, but mainly because he tends to be a lot of people's first introduction to electronic music (myself included) and thus can sometimes feel a bit Dance Music 101. Nonetheless, this tune is too good not to post. It makes me feel like I did the first time I heard his 'What Else Is There' remix in Colombia in a suped-up Mitsubishi in the summer of 2004. Goosepimples.

PS. Also check out the Henrik Schwarz remix of this tune. Scorchio. Eskimo records really have what they call in the art world "a good eye".
PPS. This only has 806 views on Youtube. Madness.
PPPS. England was an ABSOLUTE pleasure.

Here is a link to it.

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