Wednesday, 10 June 2009

Scientific Dancehall

Who isn't a Lee Perry fan? This is probably my favourite straight up Lee Perry tune. If I was to include all the stuff he produced then the list would be huge: The Meditations 'No Peace', Mikey Dread 'Dread at the Mantrols', The Congos 'Don't Blame on I', the list goes on.

'Secret Laboratory (Scientific Dancehall)' from which this track is taken, was released in 1999 and thus qualifies as late Perry material. The album is pretty so so - in fact, its actually quite shit, but the artwork is amazing. Remember Perry lives in Switzerland, shacked up with an old brothel Madam, and thus we get this pastoral Alpine scene with Perry surveying his mountainous kingdom gracing the front cover. Isn't it amazing?

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