Monday, 29 June 2009

Stereo Dancer - Absolute Reason

I find it impossible to believe that this track came out in 1998! The dub-techno intro sounds very before its time, and the transition from fog-horn bleariness to sit up and take notice beat is artful and well judged. This is the first track from Danny Tenaglia's Global Undeground 'Athens' mix, which has moments of ups and downs, but overall, gives one a good idea of how important a DJ Tenaglia is. He's had residencies at Twilo, APT, Cielo, Tunnel, and Avalon in New York, rocked Ibiza, and unnusally for a New York house DJ, been a long time champion of German techno. Although Stereo Dancer are French, you really can, whether intentionally or not, hear a Basic Channel influence.

This is taken from his Wikipedia page: 'Danny Tenaglia (born March 7, 1961) is a New York-based DJ and Grammy nominated record producer. Explosive success for him came not behind a major label release, or a world tour, or a radio hit remix: It happened when enough people had the private Tenaglia experience for themselves.'

In all honesty this is 100% true - I saw him at Exit in 2007 having never heard of him, and was blown away by his performance. He wiped the floor with Hawtin, and only Magda, perhaps Marko Nastic gave him a run for his money. If you ever get the chance to see him live, jump at it.


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