Friday, 26 June 2009


I have never ever been a Michael Jackson fan. I don't mean to hate on the King of Pop, but the way I see it, he was a good dancer who had the good luck to work with Quincy Jones in one of the most fertile periods of his career. Nonetheless, I don't deny his levels of social significance and notoriety (even though for the last 20 years it's had more to do with negative press than anything music related), and am more than happy to add my name to the list (6 billion and counting I think) of people using the internet (#MichaelJackson) to wish him well in the afterlife. Suicide bombers dream of harems chock-a-block full of virgins with wicked french lace suspenders and a naughty glint in their eye. I reckon Jacko's view of the afterlife was a Disney World-esque set up full of little kids, troipical animals, rollercoaster rides, and him at the centre like some sort of muscial version of the Worther's Original grandpa'. Nonetheless, my thoughts and prayers are with Michael Jackson's kids. Actually, I suppose my thoughts and prayers have always been with Michael Jackson's kids.

Anyway, I'm not going to post an MJ track (well sort of), but instead put up Caetano Veloso's mash-up of Billie Jean and Eleanor Rigby. Am I alone in thinking MJ covers are more often than not better than the source material?

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  1. You'll haddeit but Chris Cornell's version of Billie Jean smacks it.