Monday, 9 February 2009

Car Crash TV

The Max Power subculture is one I find really interesting. Not in a "I really want to spend my weekends in a rainy carpark outside Milton Keynes checking out the UV lighting under Daz's Citroen CV's fiberglass fender" way, more in a "why do you guys give a fuck?" sort of a way. Having said that, the 'Pimp My Ride' scene in Brazil is spectacularly fabulous. It still centres around (predominantly) guys meeting up in car parks and whoring out their cars like €10 Reepabahn harlots, except for the fact that these car parks are in the tropics and thus 1 million times better than those in shitty invented towns in nondescript Bucks. Oh, and the fact that their cars are docking bays for the most INSANE sound systems in the entire world.

I first stumbled upon this little beauty and thought, that's quit fat, especially when the bass kicks in.

It didn't take me long though, to chance upon these absolute monsters.

The thing is, these are just the beginning. Just click on the related videos to the right of either of the above and you will see how big these bad boys get. The weird thing is though, that rather than these nuts sound systems bringing the party, it seems in reality they are the party. No one is dancing or enjoying the sonic boom that these musical mammoths of questionable mobility offer. Instead they seem to be solely transfixed by the sheer madness of it (although the music policy doesn't seem to help - some bizarre Baile Funk/Gabber hybrid apparently). I can't really say I blame them, but I do get goosebumps just thinking about the tear up you could have with a couple of those pick ups...

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