Tuesday, 24 February 2009

My First Ever youtube Video Upload

So after a morning fucking around converting imovie projects into qmov files etc, etc, I have finally managed to upload my first video onto youtube. I must begin by apologising for the dreadful video. I wanted to do the whole thing from my bed before I had even had a shower, so I chose some crap photo that was on my computer for some bizarre reason (I haven't been skiing since I was 12 and I'm pretty sure they didn't have digital cameras then) and looped it. Anyway, the impostrant thing here is the track, and not the visuals. Safe, visuals. Sorry.

As you probably know, John Dahlback is an unspeakably young tech-house producer from Sweden who produces excellent music. This is however, far and away his best song, and probably the best thing Kompakt have ever released. It was banging aroung youtube six months ago but has since been removed, so here it is again. Enjoy, and apologies once again about the video.

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