Tuesday, 19 January 2010


SFJ singing the praises of xx. Worth noting that he cites New Order as a major influence on The xx, not only because I'm not sure that I agree, but because if one were to agree, it only goes to vindicate the theory outlined below. New Order were both an extension of Joy Division and a complete abnegation of it, musically as well as structurally. After Curtis' death, they were forced to look elsewhere (this term "elsewhere" probably needs elucidation, but I like its purposefully vague quality) for reasons to continue making music. A change of name was coupled with a change of instrumentation, and as this interesting doc posits, that instrument was the synth. The argument is not watertight, because New Order were relative arrivistes on the emerging synth scene of 80s Britain, more bandwagon-jumpers than leading lights. However, as an example of a band looking outside its own sound/scene/genre for a new musical direction, the parallel with The xx is a decent one. Oh, and who knew 'Blue Monday' was the biggest selling ep of all time?

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