Friday, 29 January 2010

Decade Post-Script

As mentioned here, RA asked me to compile a list of my music of the decade. Their results have now been published. I'm super glad to see both I and the rest of the RA staff agreed on 'Miura' as THE track of the decade. It really is such a sensational tune; sensual, aggressive, contemplative, and brooding. Here is the little blurb they asked me to write on Nathan Fake's 'Sky Was Pink' (James Holden Remix) which came in at number ten:

10. Nathan Fake - Sky Is Pink (James Holden Remix) [Border Community, 2004]

Remember how in 2004, you were either from Cologne or Berlin, Kompakt or Minus? Well in August of that year, you finally got a chance to be both when Border Community released James Holden's remix of "Sky Was Pink." There was an attention to melody, sure, but with less silliness and more pathos, even menace. There were sideways glances at minimal, those trippy lulls and scratchy warbles, but really that was all they were. This was music that was wholly of its time, without sounding like anything else out there. But more than this, it was dance music for people who hated dance music, a tune for hip-hoppers, prog-rockers and teeny-boppers. To this day, Holden's remix retains an epic universalism that fans of any genre coalesce around.

PS. You can check out a Youtube playlist of the top 100 tracks here, which I would really recommend as there are some monsters on there.

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