Thursday, 14 January 2010

The Brazilian Job

Simon Reynolds chimes in with his list for top etc etc of the decade over on his blog, and it makes just as interesting reading as anything else out there. One track that stood out for me (and I don't mean the inimitable Dane Bowers/Victoria Beckham hookup 'Out of Your Mind' [or even 'Put a Donk on It', which is just as worthy of canonical status as the work of McGonagall is to English literature])was DJ Marky & XRS featuring Stamina MC, 'LK (Carolina Carol Bela)'. I've mentioned elsewhere that the work of Trentemøller provided a (somewhat embarrassing) segue into the world 0f 4/4, but really, I was a fairweather DnB fan first. When I say fairweather though, I really mean I listened to one CD on repeat for about four months. That's a lie: I listened to one track from one CD on repeat for about four months. The track? 'Só Tinha Que Ser Com Voce (Cosmonautics Mix)' Now don't get me wrong. I had mad love for 'Barcelona', mad love for 'LK', mad love even for Bad Company et al. I knew the obligatory mandem at University that forced me, almost every time I set foot in their homes, to get stoned and watch old VHS' of 'One Nation' raves at the Milton Keynes Bowl, and Lord knows I was sweating it up with the best of them on Friday nights at True Playaz raves in Fabric, but I was always more of the liquid DnB persuasion: Hospital Records, Movement, the whole shebang. If DnB was on offer, then this particular mandem desired, nay demanded, that it be of the coffee table variety. Retrospectively, that period of my life is one whole cringefest, a seminal building block best filed under 'Dispensable'. Nonetheless, those four months of pressing play, and five minutes later sliding back on my four-wheeled desk chair to press play again, just "one last time" remain, and for that reason alone, I'm gutted I didn't include it in my own end of year/decade bla bla bla.

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