Friday, 17 April 2009

Only Men Aloud!

Seriously, this has got to be a fucking joke, because if not, it is the greatest collective musical name since Bob Dylan decided to team up with some guys called 'The Band'.

Room full of mincing Aled Jones/Billy Elliot wannabes scooped up from the desperate pit towns up and down "the valeeeeys": CHECK

Selection of Moss Bros, Ciro Citterio, and Savoy Taylor's Guild suits, jazzed up with the odd Topman midnight blue shirt-and-bow-tie combo: CHECK

Shamefully derivative name tinged with unfulfilled homoerotic longing (which could only have been bettered if they'd opted for 'Only Boys Aloud'): CHECK

What does it add up to? Probably the most exciting experience in commercial classical music since Il Divo first rocked my world.

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