Thursday, 9 April 2009


Gabber. Can't really in all honesty say I have much time for it. Whatsoever. But...

I used to have a very faddy friend who got quite into it for a brief period of time, and he would get so excited by those terrorcore drum loops that you somehow couldn't help but partake in his enthusiasm for it, even if you were shielding your ears from the onslaught.

The gabber scene is an odd one as well. Rotterdam's the spiritual home of it, and Lonsdale hoodies the uniform. In Holland at least, it has always ridden piggyback on neo-Nazism, and although by all accounts that is starting to change, the link remains between the two. American neo-Nazis have always been more into metal - death, thrash, hardcore - and the two genres share more than a passing similarity. I think that has always been my beef with gabber. Aside from the fact that it is a painfully simple form of dance music, and ear-shatteringly repetitive (not that repetitive is a bad thing), it has always been too close to metal for my liking. I have quite a lot of time for the metal aesthetic, but the music has always left me cold. I have less time for the gabber aesthetic, but I do quite like this tune. Its probably because it is barely even a gabber tune, more a hardcore techno track. Anyway, voila.

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