Thursday, 2 April 2009

Louie Vega

I love pretty much all things Louie Vega. I love the fact that he was half of Masters At Work, I love that he has released both house and salsa tracks (under the Nuyorican Soul moniker), I love that he was married to La India, and I love his tunes. New York house has always been split between the Latino kids and the Jersey boys, and Little Louie managed to straddle that divide for me in a way no other DJ and producer could, blending elements of the Jersey "garage" sound (Todd Terry, Todd Edwards) with the Latino penchant for musical pomp and splendour.

I'm not here to argue that his sound is particularly relevant or necessary anymore. I just like it. However, as musical styles drift in and out of fashion, you always know where you are with a Little Louie track, and there is something quite comforting about that. This track must have meant quite a lot to him because the vocalist, Anané, went on to be his second wife.

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