Friday, 9 January 2009

The Wire - The Rivals

To paraphrase a very good friend of mine, when people ask me what I think of The Wire, I find it both a very easy question to answer and a very hard one at the same time. Its easy, because I simply need to point you in the direction of the many far superior writers than myself who have chosen to unzip their flies and emblazon the show with their proverbial (Bunk) spunk to attest to its brilliance. However, when I see a reaction to the show's genius such as that elicited by two artists I very much admire, in this case M.I.A. and (Baltimore born) Blaqstarr's version of Way Down In The Hole, I am inclined to wish they hadn't bothered. This is fucking terrible. I mean really fucking shit. Cheapest video ever made M.I.A. proudly tells us as if this were some sort of benchmark for success. PLLLLLLLLLEASE.

If however, you want to see how it is done, look no further than this. Thanks to Fred/Gringo/Felonious Monk for sending this my way...

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