Tuesday, 13 January 2009


After a series of successful plays on NYE at the delectable Stanway, I still can't seem to not play this tune at least twice a day. Coming from that reputable Old Elliottonian (that's the SW15 based comprehensive, alma mater to OEs such as several members of Hot Chip, Kieran Hebden (aka Four Tet), John Spencer from the 1960s group, Johnny Kidd and The Pirates, and even ex-James Bond turned operatic singer, Pierce Brosnan; and not the more upmarket comp based in a village outside Windsor) Will Bevan (aka Burial), this really is a current fav. Rumors abound that there is also a DJ Kicks album coming from this beats impresario so looking forward to that...

In other news, I have started getting really into different types of sings - you know, road signs, warning signs and so on. Check some of these out.Thanks to R. Ainger for pointing these little beauties out to me when revising for his Health and Safety Test at work.

That's a Norweigan sign warning about oncoming reindeer which puts me in mind of Woody Allen's greatest ever stand up gag, The Moose.

Here we have a frill-necked lizard warning sign from Australia which I think is amazing. Looks like they pulled it from the set of Jurassic Park.

And finally, what about this little beauty which warns drivers that there may well be fire trucks in the vicinity. What is it, Arsonist's Alley?!

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