Thursday, 15 January 2009

Heino and Rulli Rendo

There's probably a nice Taschen book of album covers somewhere out there in the world, but assuming one doesn't exist, I have undertaken the first steps to creating a really budget one, albeit online. So first up we have this little beauty from German Volksmusik artist Heino. An aryan Andy Warhol, he makes music that you really wouldn't expect to hear from someone who looks like that, and as an added bonus, likes to sing about the post-World War 2 German diaspora to South America!

Next up is the indomitable Rulli Rendo. A Peruvian songsmith of astounding potency, his tropical rhythms really are something to behold. I particularly dig his salmon suit in this video.

This is obviously one stylish dude, because that shirt/white pants combo is a real knock out by anyone's standards, especially with the slightly cocked right leg. Un...!!GOLAZO!! Thanks must go out to Berlin-based Max Meran for flagging these beauties.

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