Thursday, 13 May 2010

La Troja-n Virus

I'm not entirely sure how one manages to catch a cold when the average daytime temperature hovers somewhere in the mid-30s, but somehow I managed it. Aside from watching BBC News non-stop, I've also been reliving some wonderful past Troja memories. Having been a total of 5 times now, I really can't express how much I love that place. On Friday, I was accosted by the owner who thanked me for my article, told me our table was drinking free all night long, and then dragged me behind the mic and presented me to the public, a truly nerve-shattering experience. This Joe Cuba track gets dropped every time I'm there. There's also a 'Jibaro Soy' version sung by an 8 year old child that I've been trying to track down but can't find anywhere. I've never heard the Son de Baloy there, but I have liked it a long time, and it never fails to cheer me up, even if it can't help clear this godawful cold.

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