Saturday, 10 October 2009


Phew. It's Saturday. And we're throwing a party tonight in our wonderful Berlin residence. The invitations have been sent, the bath filled with beers and ice, and all that remains is for people to arrive. Well, almost. I'm actually in bed writing this and have just woken up. But that will be the case in a few hours.

Firstly though, a quick heads up. Aside from posting interviews and tracks, not very much has made it onto the page about what's going on chez Gab. So basically, this is how it stands. In December, I will be returning to the UK for a month, before going on to spend the next six months in Colombia, Barranquilla to be precise. Home to the second best Carnival in South America don't you know? The aim is to return to Berlin in June 2010, hopefully having bagged a foreign correspondent gig for some top Latin American broadsheets.

This blog, it now seems clear, is so very much a product of this city, that I couldn't possibly tell you how it will mutate after six months in the tropics. However, in the interest of continuity, I have chosen not to end it and start another but carry on, and see where it heads to next. I imagine less house and techno, more cumbia. Nonetheless, it has already survived one move from London to Berlin so why shouldn't it survive another?

In the meantime, everything will carry on as usual. I have been asked to write for Inverted Audio, so you can expect more writings from there and from RA. There will also be more interviews, and even my first mix for the site which is very exciting. Then, I am very proud to announce the first mixtape as well which will be premiering soon from a very special guest.

Here, everything carries on apace. Days consist of sweating into my capacious messenger bag or getting pissed on by October showers whilst evenings have tended towards the culinary and contemplative. That is of course all set to change. Tonight: party. Next weekend: Bish (et al?) Two weeks: Tangiers. Four weeks: The Scolt Head. Six weeks: London. Twelve weeks: the Caribbean.


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