Tuesday, 1 September 2009

Hyph Mngo pt. 2

I have already written about this tune here. I still stand by my previous comments. It's booooooring. It goes nowhere, has a stodgy beat, and does little to make me want to dance, nod along, or anything else in fact. I agree with Reynolds entirely, except for his view that it is “undeveloped [and] not fully realised”. It is, and that's the real headfuck about it. In its present state, it couldn't be any better - the raw ingredients are more Lidl than Waitrose - and that's why it makes me sad to see FACT gushing all over it. People may love it at the raves they throw, but seriously who is going to those raves? Trendy bandwagon-jumpers perhaps? I'm no huge fan of funky, but if this is as good as it gets then we're beyond fucked.

In slightly more pleasant news, House of House are set to appear on Tim Sweeney's excellent Beats In Space show tonight. Essential listening. Stream here from 10.30pm - to 1.00am EST.

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