Friday, 8 May 2009

Jahdan Blakkamoore

I've always been more of a roots man than a dancehall diva. The lyrics are spiritual, the beat just as heavy but not as jarring, and the sentiment heartfelt. Nonetheless, I like a bit of aggro as much as the next man. That's why I like Jahdan Blakkamoore. Its dubby, dancehally, dopey, fuggy, you name it. He's from Brooklyn and signed to Matt Shadetek's Dutty Artz label which are releasing some pretty heavy stuff at the moment.

I mentioned in a previous post that I like the xlr8r podcast and I still stand by that. Of late though, it has been a bit staid. Nothing on it has really grabbed me (probably since Drop The Lime's bassline mix - how on earth did an NYC-based DJ manage to get hold of and assimilate into a coherent mix the latest bassline releases when the genre had barely even pierced the consciousness of Guardianista savoir faire - or Johan Agebjörn's (of Sally Shapiro fame) Italo megamix). That is until Jahdan came and gave it a good old Jah-shakedan.

Only qualm. Shadetek has only chosen to put EXCERPTS of Jahdan's track on Youtube, and so far, no fan has uploaded a whole track either, so can't really post any videos up here unless you want to listen to some excerpts. Oh well, I'll put one on then.

Annoyingly, this is not his best track, as that can found only on the podcast: "Long Road" (Produced by Liondub, rmx by Matt Shadetek & Liondub). With that in mind, I urge you to download it here.


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